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“UCONSYSTEM,” a Leader in the field of Unmanned Aerial VehiclesWhile participating in actual ROK military operations, the company is also advancing into the civilian market
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▲ Remo eye
Founded in 2001, UCONSYSTEM(www.uconsystem.com) was a leading force behind Korea’s first development/mass production and deployment of military grade unmanned aerial vehicles. The company has stubbornly remained on this single path in this field.

In 2008, the company developed and supplied a large-scale UMV called “Remoeye,” which was only the second Korean-made military-use unmanned aerial vehicle used by the ROK.

Last year, through support from KIRIA’s (Korea Institute for Robot Industry Advancement) market promotion project, the effectiveness of the robot implementation were confirmed at eight sites, including the Army headquarters and maritime police. Based on these activities, the company secured a contract for deliveries to the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, and an opportunity to deliver KRW42 billion worth of unmanned aerial vehicles to the Army. In 2004, for the first time in Korea’s history, the company exported ground control equipment to the UAE Air Force, and in 2008 entered the agriculture-use UMV market with its launch of an unmanned pest control helicoptor. In addition, it was selected as a core control equipment developer of the large unmanned aerial vehicles being developed under the supervision of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration/Agencey for Defense Development.

▲ Remo Farm
UCONSYSTEM is also actively seeking out the civilian market. For crop surveys including pest and disease damage inspections that are required in the field of precision farming, the growth monitoring agriculture-use drone “Remo Farm” was developed and is being supplied to farms. Starting this year, the agriculture drones have been supplied nationwide and the company has established an A/S (afterservice) system. Also, at the demonstration sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and JeollaNamdo, the company showed the ever-expanding fields of application of their drones such as air control and forest fire surveillance.

▲ Remo M
UCONSYSTEM has also developed the “Remo M,” a space information drone, and is in the process of exploring the market. The Remo M gave the company success in their localization efforts, and with its automatic flight and emergency return functions, the operation of this machine is easy. The high resolution, multi-spectral and electro-infrared sensor equipment can be replaced and attached. Based on the high precision navigation satellite system (GNSS), safe takeoffs and landings are possible in a narrow space with the optional precision positioning function, as well as real time mobile surveying. Remo M’s flight duration is up to 90 minutes and its operating range is 10 km. Its flight speed is 50-80 km/h and the weight is 3.4 kg. Recently, UCON received the country’s first CE certification from America’s MiCOM Labs for their space information fixed drone RemoM. The CE (Communaute Europeenne Marking) certification must be secured in order to be sold overseas, as it indicates the product’s conformity to Europe’s strict standards of quality, durability, and safety.

CEO of UCONSYSTEM Song Jae-keun pronounced, “Remo M will do its best to be at the forefront of the space information field.” He continued, “We are planning to expand the domestic and overseas market for our space information drones by wrapping up our overseas marketing plans within the first half of the coming year.”

▲UCONSYSTEM Drone killer
UCON took home the grand prize for best system at the “2nd Stream Survey • Channel fluctuation survey drone Competition” organized by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. In the field of drone production and systems, a total of 7 companies entered; UCONSYSTEM was regarded favorably as a result of their superior performance and use of local technology for the machines and operating systems. In the evaluation of the drone production and system fields, compared to overseas products, the company’s award was a nod to their competitive performance in terms of flight time (90 minutes) and cruising range (80km) and the fact that all of the elements for drone operation were produced locally.

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