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Everdrone introduces game-changing multipurpose E2 drone to revolutionize emergency response
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승인 2023.10.25  22:10:36
트위터 카카오톡 페이스북
▲ Everdrone introduces game-changing multipurpose E2 drone

Leveraging the knowledge and experience from successful cooperation with emergency responders in Sweden, Denmark, and the UK, Everdrone is set to improve its unique offer through the addition of a new state-of-the-art drone model. The multipurpose E2 drone will be able to carry both an advanced camera system as well as customizable medical kits – a combination that represents a true game-changer for first responders, and a revolution for emergency dispatch, enabling response times of two minutes on average.

In the wake of the successful cooperation with Region Västra Götaland, and ongoing work with Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS), and Hovedstadens Beredskab, Everdrone now amplifies and expands its overall capacity and capability. After successfully implementing drone deliveries of life-saving defibrillators (AED), as well as managing the technical and operational integration into emergency response infrastructure, the time has come to dial up the potential of the service.

Multipurpose capacity for increased service

With the new E2 multipurpose drone, emergency deliveries of time-sensitive medical equipment will now be complemented with the possibility of transmitting live hi-res and IR video, adding up to a unique multipurpose solution.

“The advantages the E2 drone and it’s increase in payload capability makes possible are massive,” says Everdrone CEO Mats Sällström. “The LiveView capability offers first responders the information needed to make critical assessment decisions that will help with prioritization and increase the safety of on-site responders. To this, we add the possibility of direct deliveries of anything from AEDs to EPI pens and anti-bleeding kits, or other vital medical equipment.”

Designed for autonomy, speed, and safety

The combined Everdrone First on Scene™ service – with LiveView and MedKit deliveries – is based on one single premise: the need for speed, to save time. When emergencies or accidents occurs, every second counts, and besides the proven fact that Everdrone can navigate to the scene of the incident faster than any ambulance or other responder, the take-off is lightning quick. From emergency services distress signal to lift-off, it takes a mere 15 seconds. Combined with predictive analysis of drone grid performance, the E2 enables response times of two minutes on average.

But not only the speed, and multipurpose capability sets Everdrone apart from other drone delivery solutions. High level of autonomy, all-weather operation and advanced safety features make Everdrone’s service designed to operate in just about all areas in Europe, with a potential reach of more than 99% of all urban inhabitants in Europe.

A unique set-up that saves lives
Everdrone are no newcomers when it comes to breaking new ground in emergency response solutions. The Everdrone First on Scene™, with drone deliveries of AED units has been lauded as a success and has been validated in Sweden and Denmark and is set to be implemented into the response services of Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS) in the UK.

In Sweden, Everdrone’s contribution to the lifesaving chain has been evidenced, not the least by helping save the life of a man in Trollhättan, Sweden, suffering an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.

“It feels exciting to keep on building on what is a singular solution to medical emergencies, especially so now that we’re broadening the scope to encompass not only equipment to patients and first responders, but just as much to their safety”, says Mats Sällström.

A highly anticipated development

“At Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS), we continuously strive to provide the best possible service to our patients. To achieve this, we embrace innovation to remain at the forefront of introducing new technologies and treatments. The multi-purpose drone is one of these innovations which has the potential to add immense value to the service we can provide to our patients”, says Leigh Curtis, MBE, Executive Director of Service Delivery at KSS. “The combination of live-view and flexible emergency delivery capabilities will not only allow us to provide time critical assistance to a broader range of patients but will also potentially help our service to preplan and scale responses effectively, all of which has the potential to lead to improved outcomes for our patients.”

“Imagine the power of immediate, accurate situational awareness”, says Mats Sällström. “Awareness that will enable emergency responders, to assess incidents before they even arrive. Informed decision-making that ensures safer, quicker, and more effective responses. And then add delivery of vital medical equipment. This flexible, multipurpose combination is the most complete solution available on the market and will help transform emergency response services forever”.

Everdrone’s unique E2 drone system is developed in cooperation with Clogworks and will be available for orders today and expected live operational from Q2 2024.

Kyunam Cho  ceo@irobotnews.com
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