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Specialists in Unmanned Aerial Systems, “NES&TEC”Lighter and more reliable products based on unique algorithm technology
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Established in 2007, NES & TEC (www.nesnt.com) are developers and suppliers of a range of UAV systems, including unmanned navigation and control systems and image stabilization systems based on all-domestic technology and unique algorithms.

Through the company’s accumulation of technological know-how over many years, they have had great success in meeting the application needs of their customers. They are known in the UAV field for their technological expertise that allows small and lightweight products with trustworthy and stable loading equipment.

After embarking on research into unmanned flight control systems in 2003, President Ki Seong Lee established a laboratory venture business in 2007 under the support of Chungnam University in order to develop automatic control, precision measurement equipment, and military unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, based on intelligent, fuzzy and adaptive control technology. The company has maintained its current structure since its transition to a corporation in 2010.

NES&TEC has introduced into the market control systems and high-definition cameras for a variety of UAVs, including multi-copter, helicopter, and glider types.

The company’s mainstay is the multi-copter ARIS BEETLE series, which comprise three types: OCTO, Y, X2. The product is equipped with GPS, allowing it to fly freely, and because it can be disassembled, it is designed to be portable and easy to carry. Once charged, it can be flown for 25 minutes. It can also be controlled with smart devices using LTE modem and Bluetooth.

NES & TEC are suppliers of the ARIS BEETLE-X2, a quad-copter system with four wings, to the ROKA (Republic of Korea Army) and the Air Force. This product is used for surveillance and reconnaissance. From the navigation systems to the ground control equipment, the company’s products are made in-house. The mounted equipment, Gimbal is currently used as unmanned mission equipment in a battalion. The Gimbal is the most popular camera calibration system. The shaking can be corrected around a specific axis.

The “ARIS BEETLE-X2” can fly at a maximum speed of 50 km/h. Operation time is over 50 minutes. The operating range is over 5km. The operating flight altitude is up to 500m. It has adopted a digital communication method, and real time transmission of video network is possible. The product weighs 5.8 kg. Depending on the user's specifications, a thermal sensor, target tracker, or even a bomb can be mounted. The product is capable of automatic flight and automatic vertical take-off and landing; when there is loss of GCS communication or in emergency situations, the plane is able to return automatically.

“ARIS BEETLE OCTO” has eight wings and can be used for multi purposes. Currently, KEPKO and KEPCO KPS are using it to monitor a transmission tower, the National Disaster Management Research Institute for fire disaster monitoring, and Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency for anti-terrorism activities and monitoring. In particular, OCTO, which is used to monitor a transmission tower, is being piloted by the National Emergency Management and KEPCO KPS through the Robot Dissemination Project for Market Creation led by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. OCTO and Y are being distributed to the police. It was also used at the Incheon Asian Games' for surveillance and reconnaissance purposes.

The OCTO has a maximum speed of 25 km/h and a running time of 20 minutes. Up to 2kg can be loaded onto the aircraft, and the operating range is 1 to 2km, the limit for LTE networks. The product weighs 8kg and the product size is W1140 * H510.

The ARIS VIEW 085 is a high definition camera for UAVs that has been installed in UCONSYSTEM’s battalion-use unmanned surveillance vehicle, REMOEYE.

In addition, the company has developed in-house various technologies such as the glider-type ARIS-LITE and ARIS-INVADER and the helicopter-type ARIS-HELI; as well as the flight control (FCS) and ground control systems to control the UAVs. The flight control system (FCS) and the ground control system (GCS) are capable of real-time bidirectional transmission of both data and video, providing reliability and stability. NES&TEC has about 10 patents related to their UAVs.

In 2008, NES&TEC succeeded in making a 450km round-trip flight from land to Dokdo in Korea’s first unmanned surveillance flight. The ARIS-INVADER series was used for this test. The airborne robot is able to fly for more than 15 hours at 100-150 km/h using gasoline as fuel. When two units are alternately operated, surveillance scouting can be performed for more than 10 hours in the mission area.

▲Dokdo exploration UAV
In addition, NES&TEC successfully remotely controlled the ARIS BEETLE OCTO that was in Daejeon using the LTE network at the Yongsan War Memorial in Seoul.

"With LTE, it can be used on the other side of the globe, regardless of the distance," President Gi Song Lee said. "It will be useful for city center operations due to the well built LTE network than the open field."

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