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Leading the Era of Robot Convergence, DST Robot’s Comprehensive Robot CompanyDiverse robot products, from manufacturing robot systems to service robots
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Founded in 1999, DST Robot (www.dstrobot.com) is a robotics company that has been leading the domestic manufacturing and service robots industry since stepping into the manufacturing robots business with their development of single axis and multi-axis controllers. It was the first Korean robotics company to be listed on the KOSDAQ market.

▲LCD Transfer Robot
In the fields of semiconductors, displays, ICT, and automobiles, manufacturing robots have already received validation in the domestic and overseas markets due to their high precision, high speed, high load, and high vacuum characteristics. The company is leading the robotics industry by developing and supplying pet robots, educational robots, robot actuators, humanoids, home service robots, mobile platforms for research and development in robot manufacturing, and service robots such as information (guiding)/anti-crime/janitorial (building cleaning).

DST Robot is a leader in the production and sales of manufacturing and intelligent robots. Their major products in the manufacturing robots division include robots with a wide range of ultra rigid bodies such as Cartesian robots, linear robots with improved high precision and high speed for enhanced quality and operations, a desktop robot with an all-in-one type built-in controller with enhanced safety features, the horizontal multi-joint SCARA robots that maximize space utilization and speed, a multi-tasking motion controller based on stability, LCD transfer robot capable managing heavy weights and high speed operations, and a wafer transfer robot. In addition, their robot application systems include an automatic laser soldering system and linear stages.

▲HOVIS Series
The company’s service robots include the “HerkuleX Servo” Series, Mobile Platform, the “HOVIS” Series, “Genibo” Series, the Information Service Robot “FRIDA,” the Security and Guide Robot “EGIS” Series, and the Cleaning Robot (janitor), “ZACSEN.”

▲HerkuleX Servo series
Based on accumulated technical know-how control technology in the field of industrial robots, the HerkuleX Servo series is the embodiment of DST Robot’s philosophy of providing products that are high in efficiency, small-sized/light weight, and customer friendly. The product boasts full Duplex communication for improved feedback, Velocity Override function for smooth robot motion, Multi-view LED status display for increased visibility, and Metal Inserted Nut for easy assembly improved rigidity. It is continuing to evolve into a superior robot. DST Robot offers a wide-range of choices, from the standard economy model DRS-0101 and the metal gear-included DRS-0201; to the premium models capable of providing high-tech solutions, DRS-0401, DRS-0601; and the magnetic encoder-included high durability and high-resolution DRS-0402 and DRS-0602 models.

▲Mobile Platform TETRA-DS
The Mobile Platform TETRA-DS is a research mobile platform designed for use in robot driving technology and application technology, and was created by incorporating core industrial robot control technology into driving robot development. The product is revolutionary in terms Payload, Speed, Runtime and Recharge Time. The maximum payload is 80kg, maximum speed is 2m/s, maximum running time is 14 hours, with a recharge time of 1.6 hours. It is easy to maintain and upgrade. The Hovis series is the industry's first digital fusion hybrid robot; as humanoid robots, they are mainly applied to education and large meetings, but the ultimate goal is for them to provide true home services. The robot is edging closer to being a ubiquitous home service robot, with a mobile contents terminal (MID) for human-robot interaction, easy assembly and manipulation for beginners to advanced users; various application models can be produced, and interactive “Friends of Humans” implementation is also possible.

▲Genibo Robot
In a word, Genibo Robot is a robot pet (a robot dog). This product was created by upgrading Korea’s first intelligent Robot puppy, Genibo-QD to enhance durability and increase user convenience. Genibo Robot can move on its own like an actual dog. Equipped with a 10-channel touch sensor, the robot’s emotion levels rise and fall according to how often its back, head, sides, or other areas are petted. The robot responds accordingly to human touch and can understand its owner. The robot can perform various movements such as scratching the ground, hand-standing, dancing, national gymnastics, and taekwondo. It can express its emotions through the emoji LEDs of its eyes, sound effects, and the over 1200 kinds emotional movements. The camera on its nose allows it to recognize a person's face and to distinguish it from its owner’s face. The company also offers Genevo Edu, an infant educational robot.

▲information service robot “FRIDA”
The information service robot “FRIDA” is able to provide information at the request of the user at any time, and was designed to resemble the portrait elegance of a Joseon Dynasty woman. The product provides various services while moving freely through autonomous navigation based on location recognition. The robot is able to avoid people and obstacles; with its wide LCD, the robot can be used to customize services such as corporate marketing, department location guidance, and VIP welcomes. Communication via touch or voice is possible.

▲Security & Guide Robot “EGIS series”
The EGIS Security & Guide Robot “EGIS series” is an anti-crime robot capable of autonomous navigation based on location recognition. It is a security robot that can conduct daytime/nighttime patrols, with real time remote control, and remote monitoring. It is also capable of real-time intrusion detection and wireless detection video transmission, facial recognition-based search for missing children, and TTS-based voice guidance.

▲Building cleaning robot “ZACSEN”
The building cleaning robot “ZACSEN” offers dry floor and carpet cleaning service for buildings. With its map-based cleaning navigation, the robot uses the Power Brush to clean dry floors/carpets; with the replaceable rotating Roller, it can mop a dry floor. With its section based sweeping navigation, it can distinguish areas that need to be cleaned and those that don’t. It can also select cleaning areas by section. It is equipped with a 1000W class high performance suction motor and side brush for edge cleaning.

The robot mass production factory is set to be completed in Shenzhen, China, by the end of this year. After replacing its major shareholders, DST Robot has entered a new period of stability.

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