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Established in August 2011, BYROBOT Co., Ltd (www.byrobot.co.kr) is pioneering the field of flying robots in Korea. The company’s name "BYROBOT" emerged from the observation that there are always robots near us; we are always “by robots.”

With more than 15 years' experience in R & D and manufacturing, the company has been devoted to developing cutting-edge robots that can be used in a variety of fields. Founded by former researchers at Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), BYROBOT was the first in Korea to successfully develop an autonomous ducted-fan type flight robot mounted with a gasoline engine and the world’s first toy flight robot equipped with a battle system; with their commercialization, the company received global recognition. The company holds Korean and overseas intellectual property rights in key technologies related to flight control and operations systems and has key technological know-how in embedded systems, wireless communication, sensor fusion, and computer vision.

Their main products are LIGHTRONE for racing, DRONE FIGHTER for battles, PETRONE, PETRONE 2.0, PETRONE V2 Professional, DRONE FIGHTER Education for STEAM education.

BYROBOT’s CEO Sangki Ji explains that when he first started his company, he thought that “recreational drones would sell out before Diaster clean up drones or military drones” and founded his company based on that assessment.

The mini quadropter DRONE FIGHTER was made using only domestic technology. As its name suggests, this is a mini battle drone, capable of flying battle games by using its infrared sensor. By using BYROBOT’s own simulator for the PC, the user can learning navigation techniques and experience 3D Virtual Reality flight and autonomous flight and missions, as well as realistic navigation practice. By utilizing the beginner and expert modes, the user can improve their navigation skills. The robot is also capable of 360° flight and dynamic flights. With its 40 LED lights, the user’s night flight experience is doubled. Compared to lower-cost products offered by other companies, the recharagable batteries, firmware upgrade, and LED indicators to check the status of the drone in real time offer small, but significant conveniences. A helicam function is also offered, and an ultra-small camera can be purchased separately as an added option for additional flying pleasure.

LIGHTRONE is a mini racing drone that boasts a small but powerful performance, with an optimized design for racing. The ultra-compact 8cm size enables real-time streaming (FPV) at a maximum speed of 30km/h and a maximum distance of 100m. Other features include automatic altitude maintenance, automatic take-off/landing, four-level flight speed control and a 120° field of view lens optimized for racing, air pressure sensors, six-axis stabilizer sensors and duct-type propeller guards for noise suppression. The multiple colored LEDs can be controlled with a single button. The drone, controller, and monitor are all contained in one package, making extra parts unnecessary.

PETRONE is the world’s first smart battle drone. The PETRONE application is a superior application that can turn your smartphone into a controller. The PETRONE is a transformer drone that can turn itself into battle game, RC car, and aerial camera. Created purely from domestic technology, the PETRONE uses an infrared transceiver for 1 vs 1, team battles, or network battles with 2 or more drones. If the PETRONE is hit by a missile, the user can feel the vibration and sound at the tip of his fingers, and as the energy is completely consumed, the drone slowly lands automatically. Even when the drone is flipped over and crashes or lands during flight or a battle, the PETRONE can set itself right and continue its flight with its Turtle Turn Technology. It possesses superior motion control so that even when the smartphone is tilted a little bit, the drone will react. Also, an auto hovering function is included for easier and dynamic control. It also has Follow me, Voice Control, and Patter Flying functions. The drone fighters PETRONE 2.0 and PETRONE V2 Professional for STEAM education will be available soon as educational products.

While many robots and artificial intelligence technologies are being studied in laboratory settings, BYROBOT’s aim is to bring these technologies into our lives. The company strives to bring pleasure into our lives through a wholesome play culture. With its playlist for healthy play – from educational drones, to racing drones and battle drones – BYROBOT is racing towards a bright future, indeed.

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